The 10 Steps Toward A Full Body Orgasm

You may have heard people talk about full body orgasms before or this may be the first time you have ever heard of the concept. Either way, many people who don’t know about the subject have the same reaction: “sounds amazing! But how could it be real?!” It may sound unbelievable, but it’s very real. There are people all over the world who are enjoying these intense full body orgasms and YOU can too! Here are 12 important steps that you can take toward achieving a full body orgasm.

1. Get the facts – First you need to know a little bit about what a full body orgasm is, before you start trying to have one. This kind of orgasm is different than your typical orgasm. The one that you’re probably used to is relatively short and powerful all at once. But a full body orgasm can be much more intense, build up and last over a long period of time. For some it will last several minutes and for others it could last for several hours!
2. Talk first – In order to try full body orgasms you and your partner both have to be in agreement about it. Have a talk with each other about it and also discuss what you like in the bedroom (soft, sensual, rough, fast, slow), get specific (kiss me there, stroke that part, do it like this), and give details. This might not sound very exciting, but it will teach you A LOT about what your partner enjoys and it’s actually a huge turn on to talk about these things out loud with your partner.
3. Start the foreplay before you touch – As I mentioned before, talking can be an awesome form of foreplay. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to talk about sex with your partner and ask them to do things that you like. This increases communication and pleasure for both of you. Try setting the tone for the full body orgasm before you’ve even started to touch each other. Talk dirty to your partner over the phone or over dinner. Send a suggestive text message at some point during the day. Foreplay can begin hours before you actually start touching.
4. Master the art of kissing – A lot of couples who have been together for a long time don’t kiss as much as they used to. Kissing is such a wonderful and powerful way to give pleasure and it also increases intimacy. Don’t just kiss on the mouth, but kiss your partner all over her body. Find out what she likes best by asking her and why your erection lie by following the Erect On Demand program!
5. Use the power of your mind – Usually when we are having sex, all of our concentration is focused on our genitals. If you want to have a full body orgasm, you need to focus on moving that sexual energy all throughout your body. Imagine it moving from your gentials up through your torso, your chest and into your arms and head, and down into your legs and feet.
6. Pay attention to your breathing – Most people either start breathing really fast and heavy when they are coming to an orgasm or they hold their breath all together. This is a big mistake. How you breath directly affects how intense your orgasm is. So, when you notice your breathing becoming too fast or if you notice you’re holding your breath, slow way down and begin to take very slow and deep breathes.
7. Let the build up happen – Let the pleasure slowly build up and don’t rush things, instead of focusing on going right for the genital orgasm. Feel the sensations all over your body and try to prolong the sexual experience.
8. Focus on different areas – Spend time giving pleasure to different parts of the body and make sure your partner is totally focused on the sensations she is receiving in that part of her body. Her focus shouldn’t just be on her genitals.
9. Make sure it is a give and take – A full body orgasm isn’t about one person giving 100% and the other receiving 100%, it should be an equal give and take. That is an important part of the process.
10. Focus on your senses – The sense of touch is the one that is the most related to sex and orgasms for most people, but in order to have a full body orgasm, you need to be able to focus on ALL of the senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. Those other senses will heighten your pleasure and allow you to reach new levels of orgasm with your partner.

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